1) About Mialisia (4)

Who is Mialisia?

Mialisia is a direct-sales jewelry company that specializes in VersaStyle™ jewelry. Our interchangeable jewelry converts into dozens of different looks and styles to provide convenient options and incredible value to today’s busy woman.

How long have you been in business?

Before Mialisia, Founders Sean & Annelise Brown ran a jewelry company from their basement. This is where the idea of VersaStyle™ Jewelry was born. The company was so popular that the Browns realized they could no longer sustain the business from their basement, and decided to reorganize into a home-based party-plan company to give more women the opportunity to benefit from the jewelry. Mialisia officially launched in July 2013.

Where are you based?

Mialisia is based in Provo, Utah.

Will Mialisia have a fundraising program?

Mialisia is very passionate about getting involved in our communities. Details of fundraising programs will be released as they are finalized.

2) About Our Jewelry (12)

Why is Mialisia™ Jewelry so different?

At Mialisia, we believe the jewelry you wear is an extension of who you are. It expresses your mood, attitude and personality. That’s why our interchangeable jewelry converts into dozens of different looks and styles. This Versastyle™ jewelry provides today’s busy woman with convenient options and incredible value.

Have I ever seen this jewelry before?

Our Founder, Annelise, has been selling her amazing, beautiful jewelry at craft shows, state fairs, online at Etsy.com and ShopLately.com. Over the past 3 years, she has sold over $1 million in inventory out of her basement! Her husband, who has an extensive financial background, knew immediately that she had something special and different. They applied for a patent on the jewelry concept right away, foreseeing the incredible potential of this concept.

What does “patent-pending” mean?

The owners of Mialisia have filed for a patent on the Versastyle™ concept, which is completely unique in the jewelry field. A patent is an intellectual property right granted by the Government of the United States of America to an inventor “to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States.” This means that Mialisia Designers are selling a product that no other jewelry party company or retail store has.

What is the price range of the jewelry?

Prices on our jewelry vary. Our least expensive piece is $12 USD and our most expensive piece is $78 USD. The majority of our pieces are priced between $20-$55 USD.

What are the shipping costs?

In the United States, shipping is charged at a flat rate of $5.95. Canada shipping starts at $11.95 USD, $12.45 CAD. If you have any specific shipping questions, feel free to contact our Designer Support department at 1-877-831-7111 or support@mialisia.com.

How soon do items ship once ordered online?

Orders are shipped from our warehouse within 48 hours of receipt of order and payment.

Where is the jewelry made?

Mialisia uses a variety of materials and manufacturers from around the world. The jewelry is quality tested, stored and shipped out of the United States.

What is the Mialisia jewelry made out of?

Mialisia offers several jewelry styles which are made from a variety of different metals. Our earring hooks, connector pieces and hooks are made from surgical steel.

Will the jewelry tarnish?

While no jewelry is immune to regular wear-and-tear, our jewelry undergoes rigorous quality testing and is held to a very high standard of durability. With proper jewelry care methods, our jewelry will not tarnish.

What does limited lifetime warranty mean?

At Mialisia, we value your trust and offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that we maintain your confidence in our products. If, for any reason, you are not happy with your Mialisia purchase, all jewelry is eligible for replacement or exchange. Although wear and tear from daily use is not covered, all Mialisia products that fail due to manufacturer defect are eligible for a full refund within 30 days. Examples of manufacturer defect include: loose jump rings, initial discoloration, missing beads, etc.

What is your returns policy?

Jewelry may be returned for a 90% refund within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, a piece may be exchanged for credit. If a piece breaks at any time, it may be sent to corporate headquarters for repair with this form.

How many catalogs will there be a year?

There will be two main catalogs a year. Additional inserts will be added for holidays.

3) About Our Business Opportunity (25)

How can I get started?

To join Mialisia, simply click “Join Now!” on your sponsors site. From there, you’ll be able to choose which kit you want to start with, and sign up for your Designer ID number. When starting your Mialisia business, it’s always a good idea to ask your upline for help!”

What is the initial investment?

Designers have the opportunity to choose a starter kit that fits their budget. Kit prices range from $199-999 USD.

During Pre-Launch in Canada, only a down payment of $49 USD will be charged. The remainder of the kit will be charged in CAD at Launch. There will also be an optional Demonstration Kit available for $49.95 USD during the Pre-Launch period.

Will I have a website?

Every Designer who signs up with Mialisia will receive a corporate-replicated site. This website will allow customers to purchase Mialisia products directly from a Designer; Fashionistas to register an Event with a Designer; and new recruits to sign up under their sponsor. Designers will also have a login where they can access Mialisia online training, order product, register for company events and more.

How old do you have to be to sign up? Can I sign up with my partner/spouse/sibling/children?

The required age to be a sole applicant with Mialisia is 18 years old. Designers have the option to sign with a co-applicant. Those Designers under the age of 18 who wish to sign with a co-applicant must have a partner who is over 18, and is listed as the primary applicant.

Is there a one-application-per-address requirement?

No! We accept applications for multiple Designers living at the same location.

How much can I earn at Mialisia?

Profits on individual pieces range from 34-38%. The overall low-average retail profit is 35%. Designers also have the potential to earn team building commissions, as outlined in our compensation plan.

How and when will Independent Designers be paid?

Retail commissions are paid weekly and downline commissions are paid monthly. U.S. Designers will have a choice to be paid via direct deposit or pay card. Canadian Designers will be paid with a pay card.

Are there sales quotas or minimum requirements to get paid?

To remain active, each Designer will need to sell a minimum of $100 within the prior 90-days. All active Designers will receive due commissions on all personal sales.

To receive monthly team down-line commissions, the Designer must achieve the minimum rank of Senior Designer that month.

What will happen if you don’t make your minimums? Will you lose your title?

There are two types of titles – the highest earned title, which is always retained; and the commissionable title, earned monthly based on production each and every month. If minimums aren’t met one month, a Designer will be considered commission ineligible for that month. If a Designer does not hit yearly requirements, they will be considered inactive, and could lose their highest earned title.

Do I need to register a company?

No, you can operate your business as a Mialisia Designer as an individual. There is no need to register as a business entity.

How is this claimed on my income taxes?

For Designers domiciled in the United States, all commissions earned from sales to customers in Canada will still be included on the Designers annual Form 1099.

For Designers domiciled in Canada, all commissions earned are considered income and should be reported appropriately to governmental authorities on the appropriate tax forms. Designers in Canada can request a Statement of Earnings from the Company at the end of each fiscal year to assist them in reporting all earnings to the applicable tax authorities in Canada.

Do I have to collect sales tax?

Mialisia will apply with the government authorities to be able to collect sales taxes on behalf of our Designers. When a Designer purchases product from Mialisia, they will pay sales tax on the retail amount for that product. Mialisia will then remit these sales taxes to the applicable government agencies on behalf of the Designer so Designers do not have to worry about registering for and paying sales taxes on their own.

On craft show inventory packs and other such business packs, sales tax is only charged on the wholesale amount; therefore, if the Designer sells any products in these kits for a profit, the Designer will be responsible for collecting and remitting any applicable sales taxes. Sales tax exemptions are accepted if a Designer has the appropriate sales tax exemption forms they can provide to the Company.

Sales tax exemptions are accepted. Contact Mialisia Support for details on obtaining an exemption.

Will the Company process credit cards and is there a fee passed off to the Designer?

All credit card transactions that take place through the back office or replicated website are processed through our Corporate processor. No transaction fees are passed onto the Designer. If the Designer chooses to sign up for a personal processing account for cash-and-carry purchases (such as Square,) they have the option to do so, but must pay any processing fees associated with the account.

U.S. Designers have the option to take credit cards on their own through PayAnywhere. This mobile processing option makes cash-and-carry or bundled orders simple. To sign-up, please visit www.payanywhere.com/mialisia.

What forms of payment will the company accept?

Mialisia accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I do this part time?

The beauty of Mialisia is that you are your own boss and you choose your own hours. Designers who treat Mialisia like a full-time job are far more likely to be compensated as such. However, Designers can earn extra income by dedicating their spare time to their Mialisia business.

Is there training available?

Mialisia offers many various materials and methods of training. Our Designers are in close contact with a sponsor, who can always provide answers and assistance. Each Executive National Designer will hold team trainings and release announcements. Corporate releases training videos, corporate announcements, and recorded conference calls via email and social media multiple times a week. There are also many materials available through the Mialisia Back Office.

Are additional supplies available?

Mialisia has plenty of business supplies available to Designers to help business growth. Designer Kits include opportunity brochures for recruiting, concept booklets for demonstrating, catalogs for previewing, display materials for event decorating, and much more. There are also additional materials for purchase through the Designer Back Office.

Do I need to keep inventory?

When Designers enroll with Mialisia, they purchase one of two offered Designer Kits. Aside from these kits, there are no inventory requirements; however, inventory is always an option, and there is no limit on inventory purchases.

Where can I sell Mialisia Jewelry?

Mialisia Jewelry can be sold by our U.S. Designers at home parties, trade shows, craft fairs, state/county fairs, boutiques with 5 or less locations, or online through their Mialisia personalized website. Our jewelry may not be sold on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or any other online retail site. The pieces may not be sold for any more than the full retail price listed by Mialisia.

While Mialisia is still in Pre-Launch phase in Canada, no product may be sold. Please see the “Canadian Designers” section below for more information.

Will there be a hostess program?

At Mialisia, we call our hostesses ‘Fashionistas.’ We have an incredible company funded Fashionista Program. This program rewards the sale volume of the event, as well as the number of new events booked from that event. Check out the Fashionista Rewards Program here.

Will our customers be able to host online catalog parties?

Virtual parties are more than welcome!

What is a Leadership Bonus?

Designers earn $50-75 for each new Level 1 recruit who signs up with the either the Fashion Event Kit or Complete Fashion Event Kit.

If a new person joins my team using an online application on a replicated site, how will I be notified?

An email is sent to the sponsor once a new Designer has submitted their application and the payment has cleared.

Can we add international team members?

Currently, recruiting is allowed in Canada and all US Territories, including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and on US Military Bases.

Can I return my kit if I change my mind?

Designers may return kits, products and sales tools within 30 days of purchase. These items must have been personally purchased from Mialisia and remain in resalable condition. Designers will be reimbursed 90% of the net cost of the original purchase price, as the company maintains a 10% restocking fee. Shipping charges incurred by a Designer when these items were purchased will not be refunded.

4) About Canada (US Designers) (4)

What restrictions do U.S. Designers have during Canada’s Pre-Launch?

U.S. Designers can continue to conduct business as usual in the U.S. No product can be sold and no parties may be held in Canada until after Launch. Designers enrolled in Canada will be held to restrictions outlined in the “Canadian Designers” section below.

Can we cross-border sponsor and sell?

U.S. Designers may enroll Designers in Canada, but may not sell any product in Canada until after Launch.

If a Canadian Designer signs up a U.S Designer in Pre-Launch, can the U.S. consultant sell jewelry now?

U.S. Designers who sign up under Canadian Designers can begin selling product immediately. However, the Canadian sponsor will not be paid downline commissions on their U.S. Designers sales until after Launch.

How is this claimed on my income taxes?

For Designers domiciled in the United States, all commissions earned from sales to customers in Canada will still be included on the Designers Annual 1099 Form.

5) About Canada (Canadian Designers) (7)

Is business done in USD or CAD currency?

All Mialisia business in Canada will be conducted in CAD, with the exception of the initial Starter Kit deposit and demonstration kit.

What restrictions do Canadian Designers have in Pre-Launch?

During the Pre-Launch period, Canadian Designers may not hold parties or make any sales. The only item available for purchase during the Pre-Launch phase is the demonstration kit.

When will Designers be able to sell the jewelry in Canada?

Mialisia’s official Launch in Canada is scheduled for March 2014.

Will we be shipping directly from Canada to avoid customs?

Initially all shipments will be shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah. As such, pricing will be adjusted to include applicable duties rates that must be paid to customs agents at the border.

Can we cross-border sponsor and sell?

Canadian Designers may enroll US Designers, who can begin selling product immediately. However, the Canadian sponsor will not be paid downline commissions on their US Designers sales until after Launch. Canadian Designers may not sell any product—in Canada or the U.S.—until after Launch.

How is this claimed on my income taxes?

For Designers domiciled in Canada, all commissions earned are considered income and should be reported appropriately to governmental authorities on the appropriate tax forms. Designers in Canada can request a Statement of Earnings from the Company at the end of each fiscal year to assist them in reporting all earnings to the applicable tax authorities in Canada.

How does Quebec factor into Mialisia Canada’s Pre-Launch period?

Mialisia will have a few crucial documents translated for Quebec-based Designers during Pre-Launch. Additional materials will be translated and available for business conducted in Quebec.